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10 job interview questions about SEO that must be known

If you are going to come to this SEO course, you definitely need to know more or less about SEO. And if you have to go to interview for a job as an international company, what kind of questions will you encounter?

What should you prepare for a SEO job interview?
If you can't answer these basic questions Means that you are not ready And must learn more This time, go to see examples of sentences that foreigners What are you often asked about?

1. What should be done first for SEO and what is the process of SEO?
What do you do first in SEO for your website? And work processes related to SEO

2. How can Google Analytics support SEO?
What can Google Analytic use to analyze SEO?

3. How does Google Console support SEO and in what way?
What can Google Console help with SEO in need to see?

4. Is Google Adwords important to SEO?
Do you think Google Adwords is important for SEO?

5. Does social media need SEO?
Do you think that Social Media is necessary for SEO?

6. How to write an SEO article?
How to write SEO-oriented articles?

7. Is sitemap an essential need for SEO? What can be examined in the sitemap?
Is a sitemap necessary for SEO and what can it be monitored for?

8. How to solve 404 page error? What tools should be applied to support?
How to fix 404 error pages. How to solve what tools to use?

9. What tools do you use to gain SEO keywords?
What tools do you use to find keywords for SEO?

10. What projects have you done about SEO?
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