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How to solve Bellsouth not working on iPhone?

The most common reason why users cannot access their Bellsouth email accounts on iPhone is because they are using the wrong configuration settings. Here’s a look at the settings you need to enter when setting up your account:

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)       
•        Server:
•        Port Number: 993
•        Requires SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)       
•        Server:
•        Port Number: 465 or 587
•        Requires SSL: Yes
•        Requires authentication:  Yes
•        Sign-in info:Full e-mail address and current password.

In case you still cannot access your email account you will need to call the [url=][b]Bellsouth support phone number[/b][/url] and speak to a trained software expert to implement a more advanced solution.

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