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What is SEO? Why new business owners should know!

If you are a new business owner or someone who is interested in doing business online, you must have heard the term "SEO" from one another and the most understanding of SEO is to put your website on the first page. Google has become a basic knowledge that is almost no different from the fact that we know that Cat means Cat or if you do not know what SEO is, you must not miss this article.

So what ?! Do you want to be a business owner to know these things too? The answer is "yes". If you know and understand that SEO can help your business have a way to make people know. Increase leads Or how much profit is generated for the business At that time, you will not dare to overlook SEO anymore.

Before entering the content that is packed about SEO, we will take the definition of specific terminology. To get to know you so it's easier to understand all of the content


Search Engine = Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing
Ranking = Ranking of website pages when searching
Blog = Articles written for educational purposes Comments are fun and there are no hidden advertisements. And summarize the ending points in 1 article
Onsite = The text or details that appear on the website, such as product information, service information, company details, etc.
SEO Outreach = Articles submitted for posting on other websites That is not my own website Which will include links and keywords for you to click and return to the article owner's website.
Optimize = Managing objectives to increase efficiency
Keyword = Keyword used in the search
Search Volume = Number of searches for that keyword word, how many times it has been searched.
Anchor Link = A link that is inserted in various keywords. The purpose is to expand the meaning of that word without having to insert it into the article.
Content = The overall word used to represent the content. By including the text, images and other elements such as Blog Content, Outreach Content, etc., it refers to the issue of writing content, including images, everything that is put in that article.
Backlink = Links that are added to the content. Or hidden in various positions Of external websites With the aim of linking back to our website (to be included in Outreach content)
Organic = This is a marketing action that does not pass the purchase of advertisements.
Let's come to the essence of this article, which will be explained in the language that is easiest to understand. Let you know what SEO is in-depth so that if anyone is starting a business or thinking of building a storefront on the online world, then it can be adapted for effective SEO. If in doubt, ask for more information at [url=]slotxo[/url]

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