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pieces of paper were made out of 50 pieces of materia

Now I am not in the period of gas refining, so I cannot do it. I can only use the dragon grass containing reiki as a medium to try.

The rice paper into fifty of the same size of the paper, Lin junhe heart is a little bit uneasy.

Although I was a master in making symbols, it was the first time for me to live in such a simple environment.

To the surprise of Lin junhe, after he wrote, there was a flash of golden light in the pupil. On the symbol paper he drew, there were some strange lines.

The spirit moves, follows the line to draw down, a reiki erupts from the symbol paper.

The first one, it was done!

This lets Lin junhe be pleased to be unable to accept, this heaven of the eye is indeed worthy of being an emperor, although oneself still completely can't drive him now, but had received it to bring many benefits.

I'm really looking forward to using [url=]jordan retro 12 white[/url]  it one day.

In the end, 21 pieces of paper were made out of 50 pieces of material.

Two-fifths of the time, it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you combine these crude materials.

It will probably make any master of the symbol to see the eyes.

Can the system still play like this?

Of the twenty fruity symbols, half were pure mind [url=]fake jordan shoes[/url]  symbols, the other half were talisman talisman, and the remaining one achieved 80% of the original result of pure mind symbol, which surprised Lin junhe somewhat.

Because of the poor materials, the other "pure heart symbol" also achieved the original effect of 45 percent, which is a surprise.

After collecting so many fruity points, the river proceeded along the remembered direction for more than 20 minutes and found a small square.

In the square, many vendors have set up their stalls.

Immediately, Lin junhe took a position, placed a newspaper on the lower level, and then placed some frustraters on the lower level.

Next to the vendor a look, came to interest.

On seeing all the fruity figures on the Lin junhe river, which had been twisted and curved, he was greatly pleased: "my little brother, would you like to persuade others to put dessert on the table as well? Can this damned thing be sold?"

Lin junhe did not deny a smile, the person who knows the line of nature understand, do not understand, explained that he also think you are [url=]jordan sneakers online[/url]

< / p > < p > a few people see Lin junhe did not speak, suddenly did not have the nature, think Lin junhe is really an ungrateful rookie.

That's why he's selling things!

Soon, a group of young couples stopped in front of the booth and asked curiously, "what do you sell? A ghost?"

"This is a pure mind charm, which can keep the mind clear and cure some diseases. This talisman can drive away evil spirits and dispel evil spirits." Lin junhe explains.

"Well, it's all right. How much is it?" The man was interested.

"They're all ten thousand. This one works better. Fifty thousand." Lin jun river.

"Oh, you're all right in your head!" Young lovers listen, directly by this price to scare away.

Nearby a few peddlers also steal smile unceasingly.

Ten thousand bucks for  this shit? You look like a fool all over the street.

One morning passed, only a few  
[url=]jordan style shoes[/url]  people to inquire about the price, and then was scared away, which makes Lin junhe slightly feel some sigh.

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