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in jianghai province like a wild horse

Did not expect, Lin junhe is solemnly nodded, well a sound before going out.

It was a surprise.

"He... Has it changed?"

Immediately, chumoxin put his own ridiculous idea out of the head, self-deprecating smile.

He goes out with qin ye, affirmation is to go fooling around, oneself expect him to be able to become good, it is brain is broken really.

"Are we really going, junhe?"

Let Lin junhe on his car, qin industry or some worry, afraid of the swallow.

"What are you afraid of?" Lin junhe smiled faintly, very confident.

Break through to lian body 2, oneself actual strength increases a lot, if be afraid of the boss of a Chen haoran or red horse nightclub, that is really to be ashamed of oneself past life fairy honour of identity.

"Well, today I will sacrifice my life to accompany [url=]authentic yeezy boost[/url]  the gentleman!"

Qin ye gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator immediately.

The ferrari 488 galloped down the highway in jianghai province like a wild horse.

More than twenty two minutes later, the two stopped at a nightclub that looked sparkling outside.

"Is this the red horse nightclub?" Lin junhe smiled quietly and entered calmly.

Qin ye immediately followed up, but can not do Lin junhe so calm.

He's praying that he'll sort things out soon, but stop that now has to get the owner of red horse out.

On entering the nightclub, Lin junhe directly pulled a waiter small United States, gentle smile: "where is Chen haoran's room? I am Lin junhe. He asked me to come over, but forgot to tell me the room number."

See Lin junhe, waiter little sister is not suspicious, because
[url=]yeezy v2 replica[/url]   Lin junhe and Chen haoran are here regularly.

In the past, they did come together.

"Chen shao is in 888 private room, want me to take you to?" Waiter little sister respectful way.

"No, thank you."

Lin junhe smiled and walked directly, which surprised qin ye.

I did not think of so calm Chen hao ran friends asked out of the way, Lin junhe is really very different today.

Come to 888 private room, Lin junhe directly push the door into.

Chen haoran was singing inside, very excited, someone came in do not know.

"Chen, you are very handsome, singing voice is really good."

Lin junhe stood in front of Chen [url=]nike jordan 5[/url] haoran and put a hand on his microphone.

"Who ah, don't disturb Lao tze to  [url=]yeezy v2 replica[/url]  sing!"

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