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couldn’t. But he’s gotten plenty of work

Jets coach Adam Gase can hardly contain himself. He keeps watching film of Le'Veon Bell and keeps coming up with new ideas of how to use him.“I love his variety [url=][/url] ,” Gase said, via Kim Jones of NFL Media. “I love that he could do everything. And I think the more film I watch since we’ve signed him, I think I tried not to tease myself too much by watching too much film. “But since we have signed him, I’ve just amped it up and trying to figure out what has he done in Pittsburgh? You know, how far can we take him? What can we do in the passing game? What do we have to make sure we do right with him in the running game? How do we kind of build this thing around Sam [Darnold], him and some of the other pieces that we have? So you know [url=]Drew Lock Jersey[/url] , it’s been fun to watch, really go back and watch what he’s done in the past.” Bell rushed for 5,336 yards, had 2,660 receiving yards and scored 42 total touchdowns in his five seasons in Pittsburgh before he decided to sit out last season rather than sign the franchise tag.Gase has no worries about Bell missing a year.“For me, it was when I first saw him and he walked in just the excitement that he had of being there [url=][/url] , you could tell he’s ready to go,” Gase said. “That was probably not an easy thing for him to do.” The Panthers would obviously prefer having a healthy Cam Newton on the field the last two weeks. But since one of those isn’t available, they’ll take a quarterback who opponents know can throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield.Panthers wide receiver Jarius Wright admitted that defensive backs have told him lately that they weren’t worried about Newton going deep on them, which changed the way they game-planned. The Panthers decided to shut the former MVP down because of persistent shoulder pain, and let backup Taylor Heinicke finish things up.“It keeps guys on their toes now,�? Wright said [url=][/url] , via Marcel Louis-Jacques of the . “It’s funny because some of the (opposing defensive backs) actually tell us on the field, ‘We’re not scared of y’all going deep. Cam won’t.�? They’ve actually mentioned that multiple times.“Just having [Heinicke] out there keeps everybody on their toes.”Heinicke has attempted five NFL passes, two of which were Hail Mary attempts he came on for this season because Newton couldn’t. But he’s gotten plenty of work in practice this year (since Newton has barely thrown during non-games), and has background in offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s style from their days together in Minnesota.“I’m expecting him to go out there and play lights out,�? Wright said. “I think Taylor’s a good quarterback �? I just think a lot of people haven’t gotten a chance to see him play. So I’m excited for him to show everybody else what he can do. Because I’ve seen it.”Whether he’s good or not, the Panthers can at least expand the playbook [url=]Zach Brown Jersey[/url] , which will be a welcome sight for receivers and more things to worry about for opposing defensive backs.

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