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team’s media guide looking for any a

The NFL didn’t do much last week to investigate the sexual assault and rape allegations against Patriots receiver Antonio Brown. On Monday [url=]Zach Gentry Jersey[/url] , the league will do plenty.Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that NFL investigators will meet with Britney Taylor on Monday. Last Tuesday, she sued Brown in Florida civil court, claiming that Brown had engaged in three incidents of misconduct that, if true, violate the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.The league office floated last week to the the notion that Commissioner Roger Goodell would seriously consider his power to place Brown on paid leave pending the completion of the investigative and disciplinary process. Without at least talking to the accuser, however, it becomes difficult if not impossible to reach a conclusion as to whether paid leave is justified [url=]L.J. Collier Jersey[/url] , even under the very relaxed standard that allows placement on the Commissioner-Exempt list if the Commissioner believes that the player simply “may have violated” the policy.Another person could be interviewed this week. Rapoport reports that the “known football player” (as that term is used in the lawsuit) who was with Taylor and Brown on the night of the alleged rape is currently a rookie in the NFL, which allows the league to compel him to cooperate in any NFL-initiated investigation. (Brown’s cousin, Marquise, currently is a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens; neither the lawsuit nor Rapoport mention him as the unnamed other player.)Brown is clear to play on Sunday, and he has traveled with the team to Miami for the Week Two game against the Dolphins. As soon as Week Three, however, there’s a chance he will be getting paid [url=][/url] , but not playing. Players use all different tactics to get into opponents’ heads. John Randle famously read the other team’s media guide looking for any and every tidbit he could find to use against opposing offensive linemen on game day.Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, always outspoken, had a more modern way of getting under opposing receivers’ skin in college. “Say I was playing a big receiver at whatever school, I would look up his Instagram and slide in his girlfriend’s DMs before the game,” Ramsey said on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast with Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, via “. . .People get hot about that.”Ramsey, who played at Florida State from 2013-15 [url=]D.K. Metcalf Jersey[/url] , wouldn’t name any of the receivers he tried to home-wreck. He abandoned the tactic once he got to the NFL.“I’ll say when I got to the league, though, I stopped that because now people got wives and stuff,” Ramsey said. “Somebody get shot over talking about somebody’s wives.”

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