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Forging a path for yourself through a sport as tough as football can be nearly impossible in the lofty heights of the NFL.Now imagine you have a family member or two in the Hall of Fame.Thanks to the enormous pressure and expectations placed upon the shoulders of these players due to their last name [url=][/url] , they failed spectacularly in making their mark on the league. What was an exciting rebirth of a family legacy beforehand is now mocked as an utter disappointment. No one can truly blame these men for failing where their fathers and brothers succeeded, but that does not stop anyone from making a mockery of those wayward careers.While it is surprising how few clans have staying power within the NFL, it may perhaps be more jarring to see how far back they span. The Matthews' have a rich history that arcs from 1950-present day, representing over 60 years of gridiron glory, but others are much more infantile in regards to their status among pigskin royalty. Brothers have often shared the field, starting with the Bradshaws, but there is often an incredible discrepancy in talent levels between the siblings.Many try to be the Mannings [url=]Andy Isabella Jersey[/url] , but failure and ridicule usually awaits those that dare try. The prospect of seeing a star's son or younger brother may seem tantalizing initially, but has left fans feeling more embarrassed for those family members than some would care to admit.Blood is thicker than water, but something must wash the bad taste of these players out of our mouths. From time to time over the years, NFL teams have illustrated the blueprint for beating the Patriots. Most recently, the Titans have done it.So will other teams try to do what the Patriots have done?It’s a topic that was discussed on Sunday by Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy, Mike Tirico [url=]Brian Burns Jersey[/url] , and yours truly from the set of , along a couple of other subjects. (The segment wraps with an extended presentation of the efforts, or lack thereof, of the four of us to master the NASCAR simulator at NBC.)For me, the biggest question is this: Do other teams not borrow the concepts others have used to beat the Patriots because they can’t, or because they don’t want to? Coaches have fairly sizable egos, and they like to do things their own way. And even if their way is objectively inferior to what [url=][/url] , for example, Titans coach Mike Vrabel did to the Patriots, those other coaches will be the last ones to admit it.Even after they lose. Which won’t matter anyway because by then it will be too late.

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